Jorvyn Whistlefoot

Bard 21 Lyric Thaumaturge 10


Jorvyn Whistlefoot

Race: Gnome
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Size: Small
Age: 57
Gender: male
Height: 3’11”
Weight: 82lb.
Eyes: green
Hair: black
Skin: white

Jorvyn is a typical Gnome with bright green eyes and a less serious demeanor than most. His sing-song voice always lightens the mood, and he is constantly trying to make everyone feel happy.




Jorvyn was born to Farnin and Alussa Whistlefoot. Farnin ran a local alchemy shop, Farnin’s Alchemy Outlet in Waterdeep. The shop was quite successful due to the numerous groups of roving adventurers. Healing potions were a mainstay of his trade, and Alussa ran a tavern, the very successful Gray Serpent. Jorvyn was a toddler in these places, so he is no stranger to merriment and vice—the perfect beginning to a Bard’s life.
He began singing at a very early age. His mother was very kind and loving, as was his father. There was always a song in the Whistlefoot home, and Jorvyn was right in the middle of it. Jorvyn was well-liked by all who met him, and he was never modest about loving the center of attention—and there was always coin to be made with performing for the masses. Jorvyn loves to sing. It is part of his life.

At the ripe age of 17, Jorvyn was sent to Baldur’s Gate to train with a most famous Bard named Zanlin Knarlbark III. Zanlin taught music, singing, theory, and the art of Bardic Music. Jorvyn was eccstatic for the opportunity to fine-tune his craft and work a little magic. His lessons came very naturally and Zanlin was impressed by his panache for the art of singing. They became fast friends and performed several times together around The Gate. Jorvyn was somewhat relieved to journey back to Waterdeep after his lessons were concluded. Baldur’s Gate is a much harsher environment, however, it instilled in Jorvyn a longing for adventure.

Young Adulthood
Jorvyn’s popularity in Waterdeep was never questioned, and he made a good amount of coin along the way. He would help at the alchemy shop and sing at the tavern, usually five nights a week, depending on traffic and need. The brothels of Waterdeep are unparalleled throughout the Realm, but Jorvyn wasn’t much into females. His first encounter with the opposite sex was an absolute disaster. His father had paid for an interlude with one of the famous showgirls at Mother Tathlorn’s House of Pleasure. Jorvyn wasn’t ready to tell his parents about not liking females, so he went along with his father’s wishes. Jorvyn, from then on, visited the baths to keep up the impression of getting some strange from the females. Jorvyn had an affinity for elvish men (wood elves) in particular.

Jorvyn is living the life he always dreamed. He sings at three local taverns in the Trade District, including the Gray Serpent. His father’s business is going quite well. And he is getting offers from the far reaches of the Realm to come perform for new exotic audiences. He has received an invitation to the Festival of Song and Mead in the beautiful city of Suzail. Jorvyn packed and was ready three days before the journey began. Let the adventure begin!

Jorvyn Whistlefoot

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