Westgate was a seedy and squalid metropolis—with a history in piracy, powerful crime syndicates, and nameless vampiric crime-lords. Westgate thrived on blackmarket trade and corruption, and was perhaps one of the most sordid cities in all of Faerûn. The legacy of scoundrels and spies was found in every alley, and danger lurked for the unprepared in every corner.

It was an open city that welcomed all travellers and citizens alike as long as they abided by the local laws and, of course, had enough coin.

It was probably the oldest, richest and most corrupt port on the Sea of Fallen Stars. It received the nickname, “Gateway to the West”, from its role as the Inner Sea’s most prolific port city. A person from Westgate was known as a Westar or a Westhavian.

This area of the Dragon Coast was first settled by humans from the Vilhon Reach roughly 3,000 years ago.[as of when?] The largest place was the human town of Westgate, ruled cruelly by the great topaz dragon Kisonraathiisar.

In -349 DR, Saldrinar destroyed Kisonraathiisar and became Westgate’s first human king.

In 257 DR, pirates from the Pirate Isles invaded Westgate and began the 200-year-long reign of the Pirate Kings.

After the Spellplague, the Sea of Fallen Stars began to drain into the Underdark. The lower water level caused the shoreline to recede and left the dock area of Westgate high and dry. The docks were rebuilt on the new shoreline and the new dock area was known as Tidetown



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