The Kraken

The ancient ship "The Kraken"


This long bodied 3 mast schooner of the most ancient and high magic elven design. Every inch of its surface is painstakingly crafted and shaped.

Length – 496ft
Sail area – 3747 sq meters
Tonnage – 12700 tons
Beam – 82ft


Its origins are long forgotten and most think of the ship as a rumor or legend. A story of old sailors who thought that they saw it a time or to. This vessel is more the just legend and has changed hands many times over the thousands of years. For the past several hundred it has been in the care of pirates which only add to the mystery of the vessel as more ghost and ill omen then true. Until at least it surprise surfaces, firing its cannons into its prey and dragging it and it crew into the depths.

The Kraken

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