The Island of Vespar

Island of Pleasure and Vice in the Pirate Isles


The Island of Vespar
The Pirate Isles are a collection of rocky islands that dot the Sea of Fallen Stars and are inhabited by pirates. There are fifteen named islands but around sixty in total. The islands that comprise Prespur are not included in the Pirate Isles, despite their proximity. The general makeup of the islands is mountainous terrain with high rocky cliffs. This means that there are not a lot of ports in the Pirate Isles. As of 1479 DR, due to the continued shrinking of the Sea of Fallen Stars in the century after the Spellplague, most of the Pirate Isles have become a single large island named Pirate Isle.
Town type: small island (3 sq. miles)
Population: 450
GP Limit: N/A
Wealth: 297,000 GP
Authority Class: fighter
Authority Level: 7
Authority Title: captain of the guard
Full Time Guards: 23
Conscript: 80
Type: Martial Law—Aglarond backing
Alignment: neutral good



We came upon this little gem of an island quite by chance. It offered one small entry surrounded by a thick reef of jagged spines and sharp teeth that would treat a ships hull like a snack. After meeting the locals, who were all female, we were invited in to rest. These lovely women turned out to be demons, which is why the island had a reputation for people going missing while visiting. We kill the lot and bookmark the coordinates of our future stronghold. The plans I have for my…umm…our island are vast. I owe my greatest asset to Garrett, our earthy mage. “Thanks for knocking up the Simbul!”

The Island of Vespar

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