The Harpy's Breast

Private Club


The Harpy’s Breast


This very small tavern is located at the far west side of the wharf.


The stone building appears to be a simple structure for storage. To the casual onlooker, this building looks like a large storage unit with dirty windows, locked iron gates, and no accessible entrance. The stone walls are covered in moss and salt. The gates are rusty and the entire property appears deserted and locked. The interior, however, is a well-appointed tavern with mahogany furniture, a large l-shaped cherry wood bar, and the rich scent of fine foods, bread, and pastries. The bar is stocked with the finest spirits, ales, ciders, perry, and wine.

The Innkeeper

Vander Lorathan
Male Elf Warrior 5th Level: CR 4; Size M (5 ft., 0 in. tall); HD 5d8+5; hp 37; Init +3; Spd 30 ft.; AC 13; Attack +8 melee, or +8 ranged; SV Fort +5, Ref +4, Will +1; AL CG; Str 18, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 12, Cha 16.
Languages Spoken: Common, Elven, Gnome.
Skills and feats: Climb +6, Hide +3, Intimidate +9, Listen +2, Move Silently +3, Profession (Hunter) +3, Ride +8,
Search +3, Spellcraft +3, Spot +2; Toughness, Weapon Focus (shortbow, composite).
Possessions: 4,300 gp in gear.
Bio: Vander escaped from Almraiven. He was imprisoned for stealing food, but the true reason was for wooing the Archmage Acham el Jhotos’ son, Aziz. Aziz was betrothed to the Tethyr Princess, Aerenie, and Vander was not going to ruin the Archmage’s plans for an alliance with Tethyr. Vander escaped aboard a pirate ship that eventually landed on the small island of Vespar, where he met the charismatic and very generous, Jorvyn Whistlefoot.
Primary Motivation: Vander is devoted to Jorvyn.
Secondary Motivation: Vander runs the quiet Harpy’s Breast for special guests of Jorvyn and his group of adventurers. Vander loves the privacy of his job, because it allows him to devote most of his time painting and sculpting.



1. Steamed Phoenix and Blue Cheese, Glass of Brandy (4 sp)
2. Boiled Sausage and Millet Bread, Tankard of Perry (10 cp)
3. Roasted Dragon and Soft Cheese, Glass of Mead (2 sp)
4. Salted Hare and Parsnip, Tankard of Stout (9 cp)
5. Dried Mutton and Dried Radish, Tankard of Beer (8 cp)


This private club is used for very special guests of Jorvyn and his band of adventurers. It serves as a private club, private meeting place, and a convenient hiding place.


1. The building holds a demon that is in suspended animation.
2. The building is a stockade for the militia.
3. The building is used for interrogation by the wizard, Garrett Earthborne



The Harpy's Breast

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