The Angel's Haven of Countless Delights

Eynvir's Brothel


Directly across the street from Jorvyn’s Inn and Tavern on the island of Vespar.

The Madame~
Erynvir Nightwind is the proprietor of this lovely establishment. She is a radiantly beautiful winged elf, who is fair handed and adopts a live-and-let-live attitude with most humanoids, and her staff are loyal without question. The staff is treated like family, and Erynvir is no stranger to having a good time.

Steamed Shark with Garlic and Oat Biscuits, Glass of Mead (4sp)
Poached Hare and Pecan Bread, Glass of Whiskey (3sp)
Steamed Phoenix and Dried Grapefruit, Glass of Brandy (4sp)
Pickled Mutton and Lentils, Tankard of Beer (9cp)
Braised Deer with Nutmeg and Onion, Glass of Wine (1sp)

Lenwenye: Female Elf Artist, Lawful Evil. Lenwenye has auburn hair and brown eyes, and a flat nose. She wears fine clothing and several pouches hang from her belt. Lenwenye is chivalrous and cautious.

Lizab Ever: Female Human Professional, Lawful Neutral. Lizab has straight silver hair and gray eyes. She is protective and secretive. Lizab seeks a company of adventurers to escort her daughter safely to the city of Silverymoon.

Samay: Female Halfling Craftsman, Chaotic Good. Samay has black hair and blue eyes, and large ears. She wears modest garments and carries an ash staff. Samay is dying and desperately seeks the secret of immortality.

Erenia: Female Elf Entertainer, Neutral Good. Lenwenye has blonde hair and ice blue eyes, and prominent ears. She wears modest garments and a sling of vials and potions.

The Madame defeated a Marut by herself.
The Madame is part of an adventuring group that have destroyed many foes to save Faerun.
The Madame is friends with a group of Demi-Gods who saved Faerun.
Everyone leaves the Haven happy.



The Angel’s Haven is one of the most beautiful structures on the tiny island of Vespar. There are five balconies above the entrance that showcase the most beautiful showgirls/boys at dusk. The torches are lit, floral incense and exotic oils float out from the establishment, ensnaring the hearts and loins of passers-by. Exotic silks and gossamer float from every ceiling, giving the interior a dreamlike glow. The brothel is a single-story and very large building with 11 private luxury rooms, a dry heated sauna with 3 soaking tubs, a languishing pool, a very large banquet room with a dance floor, a small bar, comfortable sitting room, kitchen, card-room/game-room, and a huge gallery room entrance with all the showgirls/boys on display.

The Angel's Haven of Countless Delights

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