Jorvyn's Inn and Tavern

Jorvyn's Inn on the island of Vespar


Jorvyn’s Inn and Tavern


Jorvyn’s faces the wharf and continues up the main street on the island of Vespar.


Jorvyn’s is a two story stone-walled building with a bright green slate roof. Accommodations include rooms with beds (woolen mattresses,) bath, toilet. There are 3 suites, 4 adventurers rooms, 1 double room, bathrooms (inside and 3 outside.)


Jorvyn’s endgame will be settling down on this never quiet island. Until then, Jorvyn’s jolly dwarf cohort, Glinain, will be in charge of the Inn. Glinain has silver hair and dark hazel eyes that sparkle. His jolly laugh can be heard from half a mile away, and he is generous and kind, without being a pushover. It is not recommended to piss Glinain off though. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and will protect the weak from harm.



1. Poached Partridge with Cinnamon and Dried Plum, Glass of Port (4sp)
2. Roasted Dragon and Dried Lime, Glass of Whiskey (3sp)
3. Boiled Grouse and Dried Carrot, Tankard of Ale (10cp)
4. Baked Goose with Saffron and Sharp Cheese, Glass of Mead (1sp)


1. Alfrina: Female Halfling Professional, Lawful Evil. Alfrina has a narrow face, with long red hair and soft amber eyes. She wears well-made clothing and several pouches hang from her belt. Alfrina is cold and bitter.
2. Aermig: Female Dwarf Peasant, Chaotic Good. Aermig has messy white hair and large blue eyes. She wears sturdy clothing and a yellow cloak. Aermig is generous and lustful.
3. Annarl: Female Halfling Priest, Lawful Evil. Annarl has straight white hair and blue eyes. She wears fine clothing and carries a fine stiletto. Annarl seeks to fulfill an ancient prophecy.
4. Iolmund: Male Dwarf Soldier, Lawful Good. Iolmund has matted copper hair and light gray eyes. He wears studded leather and wields a ranseur. Iolmund is possessive.
5. Tiva: Female Elf Artist, Chaotic Good. Tiva has silver hair and sharp green eyes, and wears glasses with platinum rims. She wears well-made clothing and carries a fine stiletto. Tiva seeks a company of adventurers to explore the Sundered Peaks of Immurk’s Hold on the Dragonisle.


1. There is a hidden power here that is controlled by the Simbul.
2. The island is controlled by powerful devils.
3. The island serves a power that is out of time.
4. The island is a perfect fence for trade with those of questionable character.





Jorvyn's Inn and Tavern

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