Hingle's Hammer

Hingle McCringleberry's Roadhouse Tavern


Hingle’s Hammer


Hingle’s Hammer is tucked away on an abandoned street where a mysterious fight between an adventuring band and some crafty demons took place. Rumors fly in this tiny island town but it is certain that this roadhouse bar will not fail to entertain a pirate or brigand itching for a fight.


Hingle McCringleberry, the hearty Dwarven fighter, is the proprietor of this little roadhouse bar (Zack will decide who watches over his bar while we adventure.)



1. Roasted Whitefish and Soft Cheese, Tankard of Mead (12cp)
2. Roasted Onion, Mug of Perry (2cp)
3. Smoked Trout and Almond Bread, Tankard of Mead (13cp)
4. Roast Mutton and Wheat Bread, Tankard of Ale (12cp)
5. Smoked Duck and Wheat Bread, Tankard of Ale (11cp)
6. Vegetable Stew, Mug of Stout (4cp)
7. Salted Grouse and Oat Bread, Tankard of Perry (11cp)


1. Warder: Male Halfling Assassin, Good. Warder has a narrow face, with red hair and brown eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a poisoned long sword and dagger. Warder seeks a company of adventurers to thwart the monstrous plan of the Demon of the Rampart Hills.
2. Elmimbor: Male Elf Thief, Good. Elmimbor has braided copper hair and large green eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a dagger. Elmimbor is righteous and cultured.
3. Celaser: Female Elf Paladin, Good. Celaser is overweight, with blonde hair and gray eyes. She wears splint mail and wields a spear and shield.
4. Sata: Female Elf Illusionist, Neutral. Sata has a square face, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She is extravagant and sadistic. Sata seeks a company of adventurers to expose a corrupt aristocrat who serves Kas the Betrayer.
5. Ceannmhu: Male Elf Illusionist, Evil. Ceannmhu is wretched in appearance, with auburn hair and dark hazel eyes. He wears sturdy clothing and wields a quarterstaff and dagger. Ceannmhu seeks a company of adventurers to rescue his companions from the Sepulcher of Crimson Sorrows.
6. Mary: Female Halfling Fighter, Evil. Mary has blonde hair and sharp green eyes, and numerous fearsome piercings. She wears banded mail and wields a military fork. Mary has an animal companion, a silver dog named Dina.
7. Malia: Female Halfling Fighter, Neutral. Malia is exceptionally beautiful, with gray hair and light green eyes. She wears banded mail and wields a battle axe and long bow. Malia seeks a company of adventurers to hunt down and capture the legendary thief Bertio.


1. The barmaids are all thieving Rogues.
2. Dunya, one of the townspeople, hangs out here to defend any females who are being mistreated.
3. Hingle is far more powerful than anyone who frequents this bar.
4. The spirit of a young female who was killed in the bar haunts one of the rooms.



Hingle's Hammer

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