DR 1387

Year of Stolen Thrones


1384 DR in politics

Azoun V is crowned king of Cormyr. His first major act as king is to attempt to set up a jury system in Cormyrian law courts. He faces stiff opposition from the nobles as it would mean that any legal accusations they make against commoners would not automatically be settled in their favour. He eventually relents under the political pressure, but vows that one day he will successfully enact his decree.

Now that her time as Steel Regent is ended, the king’s aunt Alusair is made Marshal of Cormyr

1384 DR in organizations

Gedrin Shadowbane, a young rogue living in Westgate, had a vision in which Helm was slain by Tyr and Helm’s godhood flowed into Tyr, restoring his sight. Later, Gedrin had a second vision in which Tyr was slain by Orcus and Tyr’s godhood merged with Torm’s. After the visions, Gedrin formulated the Heresy of the Threefold God.


DR 1387

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