Doctrine of Protection

What Must Not Unravel


Whether good or evil, all beings have a natural instinct to self preservation. Some believe that there is a sixth sense that can sometimes detect threats, even if they are existential.

Some forces are so unnatural that they emit almost a beacon of degradation. For those who skirt Ao’s doctrine, traveling outside of their allotted existence is very dangerous. Those around them who would be destroyed by changes to the timeline will be imbued with this sixth sense and may even take actions to prevent changes to the timeline.

A goodly ranger or even housewife may attack violently without understanding why, they just know it “must” be done. Those who skirt the timeline are unnatural travelers and should be destroyed.

Mirror Doctrine:

The reverse of the Doctrine of Protection is also true. These unnatural travelers outside of their existence might find help in unexpected places by those whose destiny it is to die without such interference in the timeline. Similarly these beings will not understand why they wish to help and may even anger them, they will just know that they must.


Doctrine of Protection

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