Yaphyll (Shantara)

Zulkir of Divination


Yaphyll was the Zulkir of divination in the Red Wizards of Thay who was a strong supporter of Druxus Rhym and Szass Tam. She often used her magic to keep an eye on the other Zulkirs and various Thayan enclaves throughout Faerûn.

Yaphyll was once an imperialist and ally of Zulkir Lauzoril. Together with the other zulkirs she tried to stand against Szass Tam’s aspirations to become sole ruler of Thay. In the years 1375 – 1385 DR, when it became apparent that the war that erupted turned into a stalemate with neither side gaining an advantage, Yaphyll switched sides and joined Szass. By then she was ready to do anything to shift the balance of power, break the stalemate, and end the war before it would destroy Thay completely. But the stalemate continued and over the years Yaphyll decided to rather stand with the living than with the undead, thus switching sides again in favor of the council of zulkirs. As a result Szass took her prisoner in 1385 DR, binding her with powerful items of domination. He forced Yaphyll to perform the most powerful divination known to her order no matter the consequences to her own well-being, and to tell him how to arrange for a decisive victory over the other zulkirs.


Yaphyll (Shantara)

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