Heirs of Waterdeep and the Sundering

The Four New Demigods


After the Spellplague there was a cataclysm, a Sundering, that caused many gods to be restored from the interference of the evil goddess Shar. Shar was defeated with help from 4 mortals who were rewarded by becoming minor deities.

Ára the Swift
Badger the Barbarian
The Medrae
Xanlannon the Just

While each of the four have very different motivations and levels of goodness, none of them will want to lose their godhood.

The Sundering

When Ao the Overgod destroyed the Tablets of Fate at the conclusion of the Time of Troubles, he instigated the Era of Upheaval. The Tablets defined the laws of Realmspace and kept it relatively stable. Without them, chaos ensued and the worlds of Abeir and Toril, separated many thousands of years ago, slowly started to overlap. The Spellplague drastically sped up this process. The Sundering involves the re-separation of those worlds. In addition, Ao will rewrite the Tablets of Fate, and the gods, unsure of what this will do to them and their power, make efforts with their most powerful servants to prepare for that event.

The Sundering is somehow connected to The Sundering that took place around -17600 DR when an elven High Magic ritual went both forward and backward in time to create Evermeet.

What was known is it that Most gods created many chosen among mortals, trying to gather as much power as possible, in order to be as high in ranking as they could before Ao could complete the new Tablets of Fate, sealing their status and portfolio. That gambit, however, didn’t go very well for a large number of them. For some deities, previously presumed dead or missing, it resulted in a restoration to their status as gods (Mystra, Helm, Mask, Lathander, Bhaal, Eilistraee, Vhaeraun were known example, among others), while for others like Shar it resulted in a loss of power and influence. The Lady of Loss suffered quite a heavy hit in the wake of the defeat of the Shadovar, and of the city of Shade’s being destroyed in a battle with the forces of Myth Drannor, which also sustained heavy destruction. Telamont Tanthul and most of the Princes of Shade were killed


Heirs of Waterdeep and the Sundering

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