Garrett Earthborne

Awesome and Earthly


To most Garrett would seem sullen and solitary. He has a quiet mannerism which betrays the maelstrom of power beneath. Garrett most always has a cloak drawn around him tight. Upon closer inspection a person would see that although he appears human he is anything but. His skin has a rough sandy feel to it and his eyes are gems stones. The very earth itself seems to shape its self for him.


Growing up for Garrett was a hard prospect. A war orphan who found only comfort in being alone. In time and travels as a boy he found that he had a gift of magic and left the city at every opportunity to practice it. He found a cave while practice, and found he was not alone. In the rock was a very old and wise earth elemental named Kun, who would tutor that boy in magic and knowledge of the planes. When he left to find his fate he took his teaching with him.

As he continues his travel he finds some friendships and power. He is often is found still and silent in contemplation. When he is not in deep meditation he can be found working on his ultimate form.

Garrett Earthborne

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